Intex Easy Set 12-Foot-by-30-Inch Round Pool Set Review

Easy Set 12′ X 30″ Round Above Ground Swimming Pool By Intex

Intex easy set 12' x 30" round poolThis medium size inflatable pool is ideal for children and small groups. However, it can also accommodate your family for a relaxing dip during the hot summer season. The Intex Easy Set 12-Foot-by-30-Inch Round Pool Set is versatile in any outdoor setting. Before you purchase one, let’s review some of the key features of this product.

Looking for the best above ground pools for your family can be a full time job in itself! There are many products available in the market so its difficult to know where to turn. We think you will like the Intex Easy Set 12-Foot-by-30-Inch Round Pool Set. It comes with an economical price tag that brings outdoor water adventures within everyone’s price bracket.

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Intex Easy Set 12-Foot-by-30-Inch Round Pool Set Review Setup Process

If you are going to buy an efficient above ground pool, then you have to choose one that is easy to setup and doesn’t need intricate settings. We know you may have some doubts about owning an inflatable pools because of the setup process. With this little beauty this is such an easy process.

The Intex Easy Set 12-Foot-by-30-Inch Round Pool is a good above ground pool but not the best on the market – but hey, what did you expect at that price? . The setup will take at least 2 people and a little effort and with all pools it is strongly is suggested to install the pool in a smooth and flat ground to ensure safety and a well-balanced setup.

What we loved about this pool is the manufacturers kindly include a free instructional DVD which will help you build your inflatable pool in less than an hour. Then time for a dip!

Check out this brilliant video from Intex to see how easy it is:

Easy Set 12 Foot Round Maintenance 

The Intex Easy Set 12-Foot-by-30-Inch Round Pool comes with a filter pump that enables you to clean and strain impurities out of the water. The filter is great in circulating water around the pool but a few reviewers mentioned that it is not the quietest pump on the marketplace so take that in consideration when buying. We don’t think its that much of a problem because the kids and the whole family will be making so much noise when you are all playing in the pool that no one will notice the noise of the pump!

The pump also comes with a fantastic timer which can be set to run at pre-programmed times to keep a regular maintenance schedule on track.

If you want your inflatable pool to look pristine for years to come for many years, you have to store it suitably after a summer of fantastic use. . If you’re done cleaning the pool and you want to keep it away, then you have dry it before you store it. Avoid putting it near sharp objects as well as damp airless conditions and it will be perfect for another outing next year – or if you are lucky enough to have year long sun then it can just be left up!

Features and Specifications 

  • Includes an instructional DVD for maintenance and support
  • 530 gallon per hour water filtration pump
  • Filtration pump water filter cartridge
  • Filter is 110-120 volts
  • 30 gauge sidewalls with 3 separate layers of material
  • 2 outer layers of heavy gauge PVC (laminated to an inner layer of polyester mesh)
  • Inflatable material made out of high-quality hybrid plastic (resistant to abrasion and weathering)
  • Limited Warranty
  • Product Dimension – 24 x 16.5 x 12.5 inches; weighs 36.2 pounds

Customer Reviews

As of now, there are many reviews of Intex Easy Set 12-Foot-by-30-Inch Round Pool. Here are some of the top rated reviews from real buyers

“MAKE the ground flat…I dug out a space for it in my yard, built a little retaining wall around it with cheap paver bricks, filled the area with sand, leveled the sand, and voila. I leave the pool up in the winter with a cover over it…” (Read more)
“My husband and I toyed around with the idea of having an in-ground pool installed, but since we are newlyweds and still working on finances, we decided to get a cheapie above-ground pool to tide us over (no pun intended!) It was a pain to set up at first, when we tried to install it on what seemed to be the level part of our yard…” (Read more)

Star Rating: 4.5 Star From 23 Reviews

This is a great little Above ground pool . It is also great for families with limited space or when you can’t squeeze that much time in your annual calender for the use of a pool. Here are some of best things about the Intex Easy Set 12-Foot-by-30-Inch Round Pool.

  • Decent size, wide open space that will accommodate at least 2 adults and 4 children which means great fun for the whole family!
  • Filter works great in cleaning the pool so you don’t have too much maintenance to take care of.
  • Economical, fits anybody’s budget
  • Assembling the pool is easy and relatively pain free so it is perfect for those unexpected guests or spells of unannounced hot weather.
  • Sturdy built quality


Knowing what you’re buying is very important. Here are some elements of Intex Easy Set 12-Foot-by-30-Inch Round that you need to take in consideration:

  • Possibly a noisy pump
  • Not ideal for rough and concrete grounds but then again that’s the same for moSt of these types of pool.

Our Verdict:

If your are looking for a great and reliable above ground pool, then you have to consider the Intex Easy Set 12-Foot-by-30-Inch Round as one of your choices. It comes with a reasonable price tag for it’s fun and exciting features. Having a well-rounded pool to cool you off during an intense summer heat is a great idea. Where else can you get so much family fun for so little $$?

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