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Heritage Round 12′ x 36” Metal Walled Swimming Pool Review

Heritage 12' x 36'' round metal wall above ground poolNeed an affordable small pool to let your kids cool off during the hot summer months? It’s possible with the Heritage 12 foot round by 36 inches tall above ground steel wall pool.

Lets’ review this 12 ft. above ground by Splash Pool that looks to be perfect for small children who love to swim and play in the water. Of course, this pool is a little small for grown ups but your can still get wet with your kids.

The Heritage 12′ round can be set up almost anywhere at a cost that certainly won’t break the bank. If you’re looking for a small pool that is not a soft sided pool then you should take a look at this steel wall above ground. Because this pool has steel walls, it will take a little more time and effort to get set up but does come with complete set-up instructions.

Features/Specs of the 12′ round Heritage pool by Splash Pools

Weight – 121 lbs.
Size – 12′ diameter by 36″ deep
Frame – Hot dipped and painted galvanized steel for strength
Wall – Fun colorful dolphin pattern
Liner – vinyl liner is all-weather for everyday use
Skimmer – Thru the wall skimmer
Pump/filter – cartidge filter and pump (UL Approved) built into skimmer
Exclusive – for this pool a see-thru porthole
Ladder – Molded resin steps attaches to the galvinized steel frame

See thru port hole Heritage above ground pool wall

Galvanized steel pool frame








The Heritage 12′ round pool has an average rating of 3.1 out of 5 stars with 43 customer reviews. We are going to take a closer look at the rating and the pros and cons to see if this steel walled pool is right for you. Here’s a close up picture of the see thru porthole and how the the steel wall looks when it is fully assembled.

The Heritage 12 foot round also comes with an exclusive see thru porthole for the kids to have fun swimming up and looking out to see you watching them playing and having fun. Just remember, should you decide on this pool be sure to position the porthole where you want it when you set it up.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Strong steel frame
  • Pump and cartridge filter system
  • Can purchase vacuum to work with this pool
  • A great way to stay cool


  • Maybe too shallow for older children (Water depth is about 30″-34″)
  • Requires removal of grass and rocks
  • Require about 1 ton of clean sand (No pebbles – Masonary sand works great)
  • Pump filter system not compatible for upgrade to salt or solar systems
  • The assembling instructions are not the best

*Assembly Requirements*

  • Completion time 6 – 12 hours
  • 2 – 4 people or friends
  • Level site cleared of grass and rocks
  • Requires approximately 1 ton of masonary sand or play sand

*Review Comments*

“Great fun for younger kids!!”
“I have a 4, 6 and 11 yr olds. They love it.”
“WE consider a good product”
“Great Pool for low budget”
We love it, & so does our grandson, and all the neighborhood kids! Great fun for not much money!

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Our thoughts on the Heritage 12′ x 36″ round steel wall above ground pool:

This pool falls into the category of a low end budget steel wall pool. This pool is a great value especially when it’s compared to other much pricier pools. You get a 12′ in diameter 36″ deep pool (water about 30″-34″ deep) that comes with an electric pump and cartridge filter that is mounted on the wall in the pool’s skimmer.

Heritage 12 ft. x 36 inch round metal wall above ground poolThis pool does require some installation time. It’s not one of those throw it on the ground and fill it up. You will need to remove all the grass and any rocks you see. It is not mentioned in the the ad about needing to get about 1 ton of clean masonary sand. If you have a truck or access to a trailer that’s great. Otherwise you can get your local harware store to deliver. You should call and get prices for your area.

It will take the longest to get the site prepared and this is what the majority of the complaints were about. That and the sand required. One person said they bought 48 bags of play sand and had the pool up in 1 day.

We believe the 12′ round Heritage pool is a good pool for the money. I’m sure after the installation and you get to see your kids faces when they are splashing around in their backyard you will agree.

*Our Installation Tips*

  1. After you get the site prepped and you setting up the pool and ready to bolt the wall together you might have to shorten one top and bottom rails fraction of an inch to get the wall securely in place.
  2. You will need to have some help about 2 – 4 friends to help hold up the wall while it’s being put in place. Myself, I have used metal “T” posts and/or shovels every 5′ to 6′ to hold up the walls. Drive the post outside the wall, next to it. Then I duct taped the wall to the post or shovel. Hey, it does work.
  3. Don’t try to put up the walls on a very windy day.
  4. Don’t allow the wall to fall over or it will crease and cause a permanent dent.

This conclude our review of the Heritage 12′ x 36″ round above ground pool. We hope it has made your decision a little easier.

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Here’s another version of this pool. It has a  plain wall and it does not have the see-thru-porthole.

Heritage plain wall pool

Heritage plain wall pool

So, if you are okay with not having these two features then you can save another $50 right now while supplies last.

Click here to see today’s price on the plain wall Heritage 12′ by 36″ plain wall pool. Or for questions about this swimming pool, you can call Heritage at 866-844-8044.

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